TSH benefits

Traditionally telematics deployments are complicated with varying and evolving in-vehicle technologies across vehicle model ranges. The TSH has been designed to mask many of the differences between all of these technology and communication architectures by providing a uniform platform on which telematics may be developed. The TSH has also been designed to integrate easily with existing business critical systems.

The TSH provides value to customers through:

  • Multi-environment support:
    • Any telematics device protocol can be rapidly integrated
    • Any hardware device may be rapidly integrated
    • Services may be vehicle-integrated or vehicle-independent
    • Multiple communications networks are supported
    • Services may be delivered via web, mobile device, dashboard and black box
    • Multiple call centres are supported
  • Security – to maximise protection for both our client and the end customer. This is especially important as the systems have become more widely accessible through the Internet.
  • Availability – the provision of an ‘always up’ service, requiring a high level of monitoring, redundancy, back up and support coverage.
  • Scalability – being able to add capacity without major disruptive changes, to cater for additional customers and additional functionality.
  • Flexibility – being able to add new services and/or technology, using standards where available and being able to replace any one ‘layer’ without affecting the rest of the infrastructure. This allows Intelematics to add new channels, new devices, new communications protocols and new services without rework, resulting in a more economical and faster deployment.
  • Rapid development and deployment – new applications and services can be added cost-effectively and easily.