The TSH represents the outcome of multiple years of design, research, and development that have resulted from lessons learned within the Australia telematics market.

Developed by Intelematics, the TSH integrates service management, motoring content and support for multiple communication devices into a single platform solution. It is a world-first platform that enables motoring-related organisations rapid market entry and is not limited to a specific geography, telematics hardware or operating system.

The modular nature of the TSH allows it to be easily configured to support a wide range of telematics hardware platforms, service packages and customer channels.

The TSH operates as a secure Internet node through which messaging, content and location information can be intelligently and securely relayed, scheduled and reformatted between different telematics stakeholders, and various mobile and fixed devices.

The TSH has been developed as a distributed Enterprise Java application integrated with a MS-SQL Server database responsible for storing user entitlements and business logic. All communications from the vehicle, the motorist, fleet managers, call centre agents and automotive stakeholders flow through the system to determine the appropriate course of action. This is determined by a combination of access privileges, subscription entitlements and service workflows.