Automotive Brands

Intelematics has a long history of operating automotive manufacturer telematics programs and has collaborated with some of Asia Pacific’s leading vehicle manufacturers to launch and operate telematics programs on their behalf.

Intelematics has been operating manufacturer-branded telematics programs for over twelve years and has extensive experience in all aspects of service delivery, including a deep appreciation of the challenges posed by manufacturer-grade quality and process concerns. Intelematics expertise extends across the entire lifecycle of a telematics program, including service design, device protocol specification, call centre scripting, channel training and renewal program management and channel migration.

Our program implementation model encourages the broad integration of telematics generated information across the entire automotive supply chain, including dealerships and automotive engineering and marketing groups. This ensures telematics becomes a powerful tool for retaining vehicle maintenance revenue, early vehicle fault identification and expanded auto CRM opportunities.

All Intelematics’ products & services are delivered through a common back-end infrastructure known as the Telematics Services Hub. Developed locally by Intelematics Australia, the TSH is an award wining telematics platform that is not limited by geography, telematics device communication protocol or operating system. Intelematics suite of products and industry solutions offer an automotive grade suite of telematics services that reduce development complexity and provide a low risk market entry option for our customers.

For our customers, outsourcing the development and ongoing operation of their telematics program makes sense and provides a strategic cost benefit difficult to achieve through in-house solutions.