Automotive Insurance

Intelematics product and service solutions provide opportunities for innovative organisations to establish a leadership position in the rapidly emerging Pay As You Drive (PAYD) insurance market.

Telematics programs: An emerging opportunity for insurance companies is the utilisation of telematics to provide innovative service bundles that link premiums directly to vehicle usage and provide additional driver safety and accident assistance benefits. Intelematics has experience in all facets of telematics program deployment and is able to provide Insurance companies a fully outsourced PAYD solution that includes in-vehicle hardware, device installation, value-added services, billing and customer management.

Intelematics understands the challenges Insurance companies face in the logistical management associated with the launch and operation of large scale telematics service offering. Intelematics experience in operating Australia wide telematics programs and national network of partners ensures it is well position to assist its clients.

All Intelematics’ services and operational management is controlled through the Telematics Services Hub (TSH). Operated to automotive grade standards, the TSH operates as a highly secure internet node providing a wireless gateway to the vehicle and single point interface option for external third party organisations. This masks the complexity of telematics data retrieval and ensures rapid integration to insurance company’s internal customer data and premium calculation systems.

Intelematics’ suite of telematics products and service solutions offer Insurance companies reduce development complexity and provide a low risk market entry option.

Product and service examples include:

  • Garaged address validation
  • Lost vehicle recovery
  • Claims validation
  • Post accident assistance services.