Fleet, Enterprise & Logistics

Intelematics provides leasing companies a complete fleet telematics toolkit that can be seamlessly integrated with traditional finance offerings to create new and differentiated leasing products.

The move away from company owned vehicles to individual leasing arrangements is causing rapid growth in the size of the Australian leasing market. This growth is attracting new market entrants which is increasing competition and threatening service margins.

This heightened market pressure is causing leasing companies to explore different options to improve the competitiveness of their offerings. Intelematics understands this challenge and through its fleet telematics toolkit is able to support leasing companies create a sustainable point of market difference.

Intelematics’ fleet telematics toolkit provides leasing company with a low risk option to combine fleet management services with their leasing programs to create unique leasing products that provide a positive return on investment for their fleet customers. Intelematics’ fleet telematics toolkit takes advantage of the wealth of information available from vehicle integrated telematics technologies to provide fleet managers with a comprehensive suite of reports that can be used to drive down total cost of ownership, enhance employee safety and monitor driver compliance with corporate and government requirements. Intelematics’ fleet applications are modular in design and can be easily tailored to individual customer requirements.

In these times of rising vehicle operating costs, complex taxation reporting requirements and greater accountability for providing a safe working environment for their field workforce, fleet managers are increasing looking to their supplier partners for assistance. Intelematics is uniquely positioned to support leasing companies to respond to this demand and create positive points of market differentiation.