Mitsubishi DiamondTRAC

Mitsubishi Motors Australia has partnered with Intelematics since Oct 2005 for the delivery of its Australian telematics program Diamond TRAC™. Diamond TRAC™ reflected an innovator approach to strengthening the security of Mitsubishi’s Lancer Evolution IX vehicle against the growing trend of vehicle theft with stolen keys. Diamond TRAC™ included an elegant button pad within the vehicle cabin which when activated would establish a virtual security fence automatically notifying the driver if the vehicle is removed.

Intelematics’ Role:

Working closely with Mitsubishi Motors Australia, Intelematics provided a complete port of entry solution, including the specification and sourcing of telematics hardware and the design and supply of the patented in cabin button pad. Intelematics also specified and developed all services and hosts and operates, on behalf of Mitsubishi Motors Australia the Diamond TRAC™ telematics program.

Nuts & Bolts:

  • Complete port of entry solution
  • Available as standard fit on all Diamond TRAC™ with Mitsubishi’s Lancer Evolution IX vehicles
  • Hands-free communication with Diamond TRAC™ agent is via micro-phone/button within A-pillar mounted button pad
  • Comprehensive suite of vehicle security services

Further Information: